We have the goal of assembling a community of women interested in prioritizing their self-care outside of motherhood. What does “outside of motherhood” mean? It means re-framing “self-care” and pursuing more than drinking coffee, putting on a clean pair of yoga pants and throwing your hair into a “mom-bun” in order to “handle it”. “It” being your life.

More Outside Motherhood seeks to:

  • Lift the veil of “perfect motherhood” by providing a safe, judgement free space for women to be honest and raw (without apology!) about their experience since becoming a mother.
  • Join women together (both online and in real life!) who are interested in prioritizing making time to discover themselves beyond their roles as mothers.
  • Pursue self-care habits that encourage fulfilled and balanced lifestyles by facilitating a time and place for mothers to unabashedly put themselves first.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in becoming a part of, please complete the form below to be added to our e-mail list – no spam, pinky promise!